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Meteorite Watch METEOR

Meteorite name: Muonionalusta from Sweden, Norrbotten, Kiruna Co-ordinates 67°48’N, 23°6’E

The Conlight Meteorite watch is designed and assambled in Germany and each meteorite watch face (dial) is a unique art work "Made in Germany".

Our high-quality leather watch bands are also handmade by the leading manufacturer of leather bands in Germany.

Watchmodel:                    METEOR

Movement:                        Automatic movement 21 jewels (ETA refined)

Watch case:                      Stainless steel

Crystal:                          Sapphire

Dial:                                Secounds/minuts/hours

Meteorite:                     Muonionalusta - refined with a Platinum metal

Size:                               Ø 41mm, high 10,5mm

Watch band:                 Black waterproof leather band, 20-18mm band width

Weight:                          Approx. 56 grams

Waterproof:                 5 atm/bar

Your Conlight Meteorite watch has a worldwide warranty on the movement of 2 years from the date of purchase.

The Muonionalusta meteorites come from a very remote area in the northern Taiga, where they were preserved by permafrost and glaciers, many thousand years.
About 1 million years ago a massive, extraterrestrial iron mass fell in the northern area of today's Sweden. Upon entering the earth's atmosphere there must have been a huge explosion that ripped the asteroid into numerous fragments. The pieces then went down on a large stray field north of the Arctic Circle.
Scandinavia experienced many ice ages, therefore thick and heavy ice sheets pushed repeatedly from north to south. As a result, the normal pattern of the scattered field has been changed.

The official first record was in 1906, when two children found an exceptionally heavy and rusty part near the small village Kitkiöjärvi. The piece came later in the hands of experts that regarded it as an iron meteorite.

The new Muonionalusta meteorite was named after a small town near the locality. In the years 1946 and 1963 two more meteorites were found. The first (15 kg) was in the earthwork construction in Kitkiöjoki, southeast of Kitkiöjärvi found. The second meteorite was also found in Kitkiöjoki during the expansion of a woodland path.

Due to the earth movements during the various ice ages, the Muonionalusta fragments are usually 1 to 5 meters deep in the earth. They are naturally rounded like tumbled stones by their movement in the soil.
Since the scattered field is north of the Arctic Circle, the meteorite hunting is limited by climatic and other factors. Many years passed without further discovery. Only in the last 20 years, several expeditions found new meteorites.

The meteorites found were classified as iron meteorite, fine Octahedrite Class IVA. The Muonionalusta meteorites are among the meteorites with the most beautiful etch pattern. Cut and etched revealing perfect Widmannstätten pattern, and sometimes inclusions of rare minerals such as Troilite or Stishovit.

Certificate of watch Warranty and Authenticity

You bought a genuine German quality product and we guaranty that the watch dial is from an authentic extraterrestrial meteorite and the Conlight Meteorite watch is produced and assembled in Germany.
Your Conlight Meteorite watch has a worldwide warranty of 2 years from the date of purchase. This limited warranty covers any manufacture defects on the watch movement. This warranty excludes the watch case, crystal, crown, battery, straps and any damage caused by excessive use or under conditions exceeding water resistance limitations. Please contact your retailer to obtain more Information.
We are proud to present our high quality product “Made in Germany”. We are certain that you will enjoy this extraordinary meteorite watch to stay connected with the universe.

Jens Meier, CEO    
Conlight Meteorite
 Watches & Jewelry – Germany

Information about our watch water resistance:
1. Titanium and Stainless case: 5atm (Shower and light water activities)
PLEASE NOTE: The present international warranty does not in any way cancel, restrict or otherwise affect any legally recognized consumer right or privilege in the country in which the watch is purchased.