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You will notice that we are offering very selected and rare items.
We are happy that you take part in our meteorite world and hope to see you again.


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Meteorite watch VEGA

Meteorite watch VEGA

349,00 EUR
Meteorite watch THE MAN

Meteorite watch THE MAN

1.299,00 EUR

Let us explain a bit about our meteorite watches:

We produce our rare meteorite watches already for many years in Germany and only lately we decided to offer them worldwide. 

We hunt the meteorite ourselves or get them from meteorite hunters we are in contact with. We cut the meteorite into watch dials and prepare them to fit into our watches. Our well trained German watchmakers assemble the watches with Swiss or Japan movements (quartz and automatic). Even our watchbands are handcrafted from the leading watchband company in Germany.     
Our prices are very resonable for real meteorite watches.

We are proud to offer our very rare meteorite watches with the well appreciated technology “Made in Germany”.
It’s a combination of German high tech engineering with a lot of real handcrafted work.

Interesting animation and information of meteorite falls